Domaine_web.gifOur vineyards in Beaujolais are Domaine de Colonat, Domaine de la Madone and Domaine les Roches Bleues.

Where to stay in Beaujolais

Beaujolais lies between Mâcon and Lyon and is, officially, the largest of the five districts of Burgundy. It is the southern continuation of the Mâconnais, a region of roller-coaster geology that flows like great waves to the west, culminating in two spectacular cliffs, Vergisson and Solutré. This is the gateway to Beaujolais, and it is not only the scenery that is stunning here – the wines are too.

Fêtes du Vin: Le Grand Marché des Vins is a wine exhibition for the Beaujolais and Mâconnais regions and is open to the public. It is held in Fleurie during the first fortnight of November – precise date varies. The Foire Nationale des Vins is held in Mâcon during the third week of May. Domaine de la Madone has an annual porte-ouverte from Thursday – Sunday inclusive during Ascension week.