Our vineyards in Tuscany are Castel di Pugna, Monte Chiaro and Rocca Delle Macìe.

Where to stay in Tuscany.

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To avoid disappointment when visiting the vineyard, it is important to make an appointment and have it confirmed.  It is always possible that unexpected visitors might find nobody at home, particularly at busy times of the year.

To make your appointment: Phone us on 01205 820745 or email info@3dwines.com giving us as much notice as you can, as it isn’t always possible to contact the vineyard at the last minute.  We will confirm, usually by email, when we have a reply. Please do have your visit confirmed, as it might be necessary to adjust the timing of your appointment.

Please bear in mind that at harvest time (usually 2 weeks during September/October) the family will be very busy and a visit may not be possible.

Closest airports to all three vineyards are Florence and Pisa.