Burgundy South

Our vineyards in Burgundy South are Domaine Chevrot, Domaine Pillot, Domaine Ragot and Domaine Drouin.

Where to stay in Burgundy South.

Burgundy is the Holy Land of wine. It is a relatively small wine region, and although it is still possible to find good value wines, it’s a lot harder now than it was when we first started looking 20 years ago. Fortunately it is also a region where the search is as much fun as the discovery. A compact area of rugged escarpments and gentle hills, small villages and quiet roads, there is enough warm hospitality and good food to sustain you while you admire the vineyards and sample the wines.

Fêtes du Vin: Le Saint Vincent Tournante is Burgundy’s grande fête, each village taking it in turn to host the event, and is held on the last weekend of January.