Burgundy North

Your vineyards in Burgundy North are Domaine Lucien JacobDomaine Vrignaud and Domaine Désertaux-Ferrand

Where to stay in Burgundy North

This famous and historical region is based on the eastern side of France, roughly between Auxerre in the north and Chalon-sur-Saône in the south. It is the spiritual home of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – the two principle grapes of the region. It is also considered to be the gastronomic region of France.

It is an area of small holdings, typically 4-5 hectares in size. The land is parcellated and it is not unusual for vignerons to own tiny parcels of vines scattered over a wide area. The Côte d’Or or golden slopes form the central part of Burgundy, and the red wines tend to be smooth and supple with red berry flavours and a scent that can be earthy and beguiling, especially with age. The whites can be rich, biscuity and mineral, with delicious ripe melon flavours, honey and nuts. In the north, some 140km from Beaune the cool climate appellation of Chablis tends to produce unique Chardonnays with thrilling acidity and minerality.