Château Rousselle

33710 Saint-Ciers-de-Canesse

Telephone: +33 (0)5 57 42 16 62

Family: Vincent Lemaitre

Preferred visiting times: Mondays – Saturdays 1030 & 1430

Château Rouselle  Vincent Lemaitre  Château Rouselle

Directions to Château Rousselle

The domaine is 30km north of Bordeaux, near Blaye on the Gironde estuary.

Driving time (using motorway): Calais ~ 7½hrs: Le Havre ~ 7hrs: Zeebrugge ~ 8½hrs

› Approaching by motorway L’Aquitaine (A10/E05) from the north (Poitiers) or from the south (Bordeaux) take the St André de Cubzac exit and follow signs to Bourg on the D669.

› Go through Bourg and continue towards Blaye on the D669.

› About halfway to Blaye (approx 7km past Bourg) turn right towards Villeneuve and then follow the signs to Château Rousselle.